Special Events in Buenos Aires

Be sure to attend the Buenos Aires Tango Festival to dance the night away. The Buenos Aires Tango Festival is a summer celebration that pays homage to Argentina's obsession with the tango. It takes place in popular neighborhoods including Palmero, Recoleta and Caballito. It features tango concerts, dancing exhibitions, tango lessons and amazing food served by local restaurants. It also features a group tango dance that encourages active participation from the audience. Be sure to attend the festival to tango to some of Argentina's best dance music!

Art lovers will enjoy visiting the city's Contemporary Art Fair. The Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Fair takes place at La Rural Exhibition Complex. It celebrates modern artists' contributions to society. It features the best works of more 200-juried artists from around the world who are selected by a selection committee based on merit and ability. Some of the most popular attractions at the Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Fair include art auctions and artist demonstrations. Be sure to attend these forums to meet some of the artists who are selected to display their works at the fair. You might just meet some of the world's most talented artists who are willing to share their love of art with the public.

Book lovers will enjoy attending the Buenos Aires International Book Fair. The Buenos Aires International Book Fair is South America's largest book fair. It takes place at Predio La Rura. It features over 200 book dealers and 250 authors who bring with them a great fondness for books.

Some of the most popular events that take place during the book fair include book signings, book displays and a rare book auction that attracts book collectors from around the world. Be sure to visit the book displays to see some of the world's more rare books in person.

Enjoy fine wines at La Feria de Vinos y Bodegas. La Feria de Vinos y Bodegas is an annual wine and vineyard festival that celebrates Argentina's wine industry. It showcases the wines produced by more than 90 of Argentina's best vineyards. It includes wine tastings, food tastings and demonstrations that can help you learn how to pair wines with food. Be sure to attend the wine tastings to see why Argentina is one of the world's underrated wine producers.

Finally, attend El Dia de la TradiciĆ³n to learn about Argentina's love of horses. El Dia de la TradiciĆ³n takes place during the Buenos Aires Horse Fair. It is a fair that celebrates Argentina's love of horses. It features horse riding displays, matador competitions and great food. Be sure to get to the fair early to get the best views of the horse riding displays.